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Bob Davies delivers with a standing ovation. Bob’s humorous style of delivery and value of his message is what makes him one of the leading keynote speakers. His ability to provide an affirmative message while making his audience laugh earned him a spot as one of the top 100 Greatest Minds of Personal Development by Excellence Magazine.

The success of an event hinges on an established speaker who can deliver a powerful message while entertaining the crowd with a magnetic personality. Bob Davies is known for his ability to connect with crowds through humor while teaching them how to achieve their career goals. Every presentation is crafted with your overall agenda in mind, providing greater value to the event through his dynamic style of entertainment.


When you hire Bill Driscoll (Former Top Gun Pilot), you will be invited into the cockpit of today's highly sophisticated jet fighters and given an insider's view of the incredible pressures.

These present-day gladiators feel in combat. Most importantly, you will be given the secrets of a balanced lifestyle which enables these pilots to perform brilliantly under this mind-boggling pressure.

Air combat is intense nerve-wracking flying with constant high "G" twisting, rolling and swerving maneuvers. Its all about teamwork and doing the right thing at the right time in a rapidly changing, lethal arena. But little things make huge differences. These are the things Bill talks about - the preparation, attitude, and concentration needed to accomplish the little things that make such big differences in both the personal and professional lives of your people.


Byrd Baggett is the right choice if you’re looking for one of the top business speakers in the country who builds passionately engaged championship teams. His track record is one that guarantees success. Teams leave his programs with the tools and “fire” that bring out their best. Byrd is the choice for teams that want to win. It’s that simple.


Talented, charismatic and charming, Michael B. Levin takes the stage and the imagination. He has created the inspiration of the era of “Old Blue Eyes” performing throughout the US and internationally including such venues as MGM, Desert Inn, Luzor, Mirage, Bellagio and Harrah’s. Michael is also a stand-up comedian and impressionist with over thirty different voices. His corporate clients include IBM, Goldman Sachs, Abbott Labs, Cruise Holidays Scientific Atlanta and many others.


Jeff Peden has spoken to thousands of people over the last 20-plus years, helping them find success in customer acquisition and retention, developing effective and supportive relationships with others, and accomplishing goals. While his background is primarily in the business arena, he also has graduate degrees in Training and Development and in Counseling. Jeff’s philosophy focuses on turning ideas and intentions into action and the dynamics of effective human relationships. His down-to-earth message can be
implemented by anyone who has the passion and desire to succeed.


W MITCHELL, CPS, CSP, CPAE, author, TV host, business leader, conservation leader and internationally sought after speaker motivates and inspires audiences worldwide. His positive message about Taking Responsibility for Change, told with warmth and wit, makes Mitchell a leading Expert on Putting Yourself Back In Charge. He has told his story about overcoming seemingly insurmountable disaster to millions around the globe, including Parade Magazine, Time Magazine, USA Today, Good Morning America, The Today Show and Maury Povich.


Programmed to snap a picture every 5 seconds, LA Photo Party's portable, professional photo studio made Bravo's stars shine, Citibank’s honchos let loose, and countless brides jump for joy. Now, they're ready for your event. LA Photo Party's Photo Booth Without The Booth is wide enough for a 10-person group hug, classy enough to double as a fashion shoot, and quick enough to catch a mid-air leap (and the potentially ensuing mid-floor spill). We’ll bring the props, costumes, and wigs, and even print the photos onsite, guaranteeing your guest's souvenir pictures'll be candid, hilarious, and completely unique. 4X6 or 5X7 photos are printed onsite instantly!


Greg Bennick makes people laugh while inviting them to think. He speaks about getting involved in ideas, leadership, and creativity.

What the audience takes away from any presentation is what matters most. Greg thinks that experiencing a keynote presentation should be ENTERTAINING. He uses entertainment as a vehicle for ideas. He reseaches his audiences and your group in advance to make every show perfect. Did your audience have fun? Are they inspired? Imagine: a presenter who will entertain, educate, and who makes promises and then delivers on them? Yes, there is one and you found him.


"The Tommy Thompson Project" is the premier "Smooth Jazz/R&B Band," in Las Vegas. Tommy toured with various show bands and major recording groups throughout his career including the O'Jays and J. Geils and he has opened for such legendary acts as Spyro Gyra, Chicago, Aaron Neville and the Neville Brothers, Blood Sweat and Tears, Tower of Power, and Jay Leno. Tommy moved to Las Vegas in 1990 where he created the "Tommy Thompson Project", which through its many phases, has settled into its own unique seamless "Smooth Jazz Experience." Tommy and his band performed at the Paris Hotel at Tres' Jazz and Napoleon's from 2000 - 2006 where they developed a tremendous following and fan club. The Tommy Thompson Project has recorded 8 Cd's including his latest, "Grand Avenue," which has already produced a #14 hit on Echo Jazz in Great Brittain entitled "Knock Yourself Out."

The Tommy Thompson Project was voted "Best of Las Vegas" by the Review Journal on March 27, 2005.